8 Wedding Photography Tips to Make the Best Wedding Album

Photography Tips

Whether you are an amateur or professional photographer, you need to pay a lot more attention to wedding photographs. Capturing a bride and groom picture isn’t your only job on that day. You will have to focus on products, venue, guests, and other stuff. The couple hired you to give them a wedding photo album that highlights their first unforgettable moments, their lovely looks with their loved ones, and how the overall wedding remained. 

Capturing the best pictures on a big day is a big task. Here are some tips that help you present a mind-blowing wedding album to your clients.

1.Choose the Best Camera

Depending on your wedding venue, pick the best camera. One camera isn’t good enough; you need a backup camera to do the job when the main one doesn’t do its job. Keep a tripod handy and test its functionality before leaving your workspace. It’s because you think it works well, but when you try to set it, you realize that one broken leg can’t let you stabilize your camera. As the event begins, you can’t run back toward your office to gather another tripod.

2. Get the Best lenses

Wedding photography combines different photography genres such as portrait, product photography, outdoor photography, and many others. As you have to capture different moments, locations, people, etc., you can’t rely on one lens. You better grab fast zoom lenses that offer optimal resolving power with the best focal range.

3. Pick your Wedding Photograph Accessories

Once you keep a camera, lenses, and tripod in your bag, the next important thing will be accessories. You need to well-equip yourself before heading to the wedding venue. When it comes to accessories, keep more than one memory card, batteries, flashlights, etc. 

Make sure you pick a reliable flashlight that can help you take the best shot when light is insufficient around. You might want to take a garden shot of a couple of entries in the evening. At that time, a flashlight will come to help you get a fascinating entrance picture. 

As you need to turn on burst mode and get continuous shots, your memory card will be under stress and pressure. You can’t afford to have a card that has limited memory. So, you better get one that allows you to have as many shots as you want without worrying about low-memory messages.

4. Grab Some Props

You don’t need an ordinary wedding picture; no couple likes the same styles of clicks- which they have seen multiple times in other wedding albums. Try to think outside the box and use simple things as props. The string lights, wedding veil, net scarf, flower bouquet, etc., could be the best props. When it comes to taking the best close-up shots of a couple, you need to make the most props.

5. Make the most of the Lights.

Wedding venues have a varied amount of light. A wedding stage has the most focused lights, but you need to bring some variations in photoshoots. Thereby, you better try different locations and light scenarios. Speedlights and string lights help you get magical photos. Natural lights that focus on a couple’s smiles are something you should capture at any cost. Use flashlights only when it’s an absolute necessity; try to utilize different lights to come up with one-of-its-kind shots.

6. Get Some Reflectors

When it comes to product photography, like capturing a wedding cake or taking a portrait of a couple and their loved ones, you need reflectors. The best thing about them is that they are super cheap, and you can use them to fill light, especially when more than one light source is present. Bend them to get the light source at a place where you need it the most.

7. Capture Every Smile

You can’t be present at every single place. Wedding venues are significant and have lots of guests. Therefore, the first thing to do is to hire another professional and assistant. In this way, you will cover the big ceremony in a limited time. Now when you have a team, tell them to focus on every great smile. The couple can’t see everyone at their wedding, but they would love to see an image that shows that someone has great fun at their wedding. 

Capture the smile of a kid, best friends of a couple, their parents, and other special people. Please get to know their family a bit or ask from the couple and their siblings. They will guide you where you need to shift your focus other than the bride and groom.

8. Take an Impactful Group Photo

Taking a perfect group photo is a big challenge for a photographer. It’s because everyone doesn’t get attention quickly. You can’t command them to stay; still, it’s not right. The idea is to ask everyone to smile and look in one direction and then take more than one shot


 It’s a matter of luck for you because too many people in a picture can’t follow an exact thing until you prep them. Another good idea is to ask them to act like pointing their fingers toward a couple at the same time when you say, “Are you ready?”. A bit of direction at that time will help you get a memorable group photo.

Wrap up

Try to follow these tips to capture the best wedding photographs and make your clients happy by showing them a fantastic photo album.

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