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How to do product photography for Amazon?

Product photography: The booster that your business needs!

On the face of it, the product photography is all about clicking an image of your product. But ever since the world has turned digital, product photography has become an instrumental tool in boosting businesses, both online and offline. It is remarkable to see how product photography can reshape and reform the entire status of a brand. Sure, we are quick to analyse the visual data before we move towards the text on the label. But one has to ensure that there is a certain element of consistency in the style. This holds especially true if your business is reliant heavily on Amazon sales. In this discussion, we share with you, the finer nitty-gritties of Amazon product photography. Lots to learn from this discussion for anyone who is a novice to the field! 

Amazon product photography

Ever clicked like mad on a product on Amazon, just to get a better view of the product? All of us have been through this experience, where the perfect angle which will reveal the most about an Amazon product would simply not exist. It is mistakes like these, which compelled us to pencil down these lines! Amazon product photography is not a random job that you can do casually. A set of rules and guidelines must be established if you are serious about boosting your conversions via artistic images. 

How to do product photography for Amazon?

In the following lines of this discussion, we are going to share some of the key tips of the trade, which many are not willing to share with their customers. We could have droned on about the general steps, but we feel like sharing something worth your time! Here are the points that can take your product photographs to a whole new level:

  • If you have got a catalogue of items to sell on Amazon, then maintain consistency in your images is extremely important. Be sure to be especially mindful of logos and color themes. Remember that you are trying to establish a certain theme and pattern for your brand, any divergence from the standards adopted in the initial few clicks will only mean a bad reputation for your brand. 
  • White backgrounds are an absolute must for Amazon product photography, predominantly because of their consistent nature. Using a white background eliminates unwarranted distractions, which is why we are emphasizing using this type of background as well. Furthermore, using a background that negates the sharper angles is important as well. 
  • Lighting can make or break your entire process and idea. Preferably, studio lights can just seal the deal for you. But if these are a little too heavy on your pocket, you can opt for any other artificial lighting setup as well. However, perfecting the results with these images can be a little taxing, so you will have to be patient.
  • Linking to the previous point, the lighting intensity shouldn’t touch the extremities. Rather, keep it in a not-too-bright-not-too-dull range, so that your product’s features are well illuminated. This will make things convenient for the buyer. 
  • Make sure that you capture your product from more than one angle. We have stressed this point already, so we will not talk more about it here from the fear of reiteration.
  • To bring your product into focus and eliminate any unwanted distractions, using a tripod is highly recommended. But that’s common knowledge, what’s the secret here? Well, you can click images, even without a tripod! All that you need are some books, pile them up and make a tripod of your own. 

Amazon product photography requirements 

Now, you know how to click a great picture for your Amazon product. But you are still a little far behind on the technical side of things. In the following lines, we are going to enlist the criterion that must be met, if you want to upload an Amazon product photograph:

1- The product photo must be in one of the recommended formats only. These image formats include GIF, PNG, JPEG, and TIFF.

2- The product photo cannot be less than 1000 pixels.

3- Only two colour modes are allowed: these are CMYK and RGB.

4- Your product image will not be uploaded if it doesn’t have a 13- digit ISBN path identifier. 

5- Please refrain from using any special characters in the file name. 

Amazon product photo types 

Now that you have clicked the perfect image, and know all about the technicalities as well, you will have to decide which image would serve as the main image and which ones will serve as additional images. Here are some key points that you should keep in your mind regarding this:

1- Please ensure that both main and additional images are devoid of any unpleasant additions like big font text, additional objects, etc. 

2- If your product is a book or a DVD, the cover must serve as the main image.

3- Please ensure that when you are clicking the image, your entire product is in the frame. 

4- Amazon has a strict policy about offensive content, so please don’t even think about adding that kind of stuff into your product photos, just to boost the sales.

5- Refrain from uploading too many cropped images in the additional images section. 

Some more secrets!

There are two algorithms that you should read more about in detail. These are CTR and CR, both of which are used to assess your product photos and the traction they manage to garner. A good quality image can boost your rankings on these Amazon algorithms, so make sure that you keep the all points we shared with you in this discussion! With that word of advice, we bid you farewell from this discussion! 

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