How to Improve your upcoming wedding clicks

wedding clicks

As a beginner in the photography world, you need to experience a wide assortment of challenges. From setting your gear to asking people to give a perfect pose, you have to deal with many things on the same day.

  Your clients expect you to give them the best shot, which features perfection, precise angle, and aesthetics. To master the art of wedding photography, you need to keep learning some tips that let you bring improvements in an upcoming BIG Day Clicks. Let’s continue reading and explore tips one by one.

Never Practice new Gear on Big Day.

Everything happens so fast on the wedding day. Buying a brand new camera or lens seems like a great idea. You grab it on the wedding day and think of using it to get a different picture style. But please don’t do that. 

Every new camera has its own setting, and the same is true about a brand new lens. There is a learning curve that you need to follow.

You won’t have that much time on the wedding day to learn everything about a new product. I’m not against buying new lenses, and I’m just against trying them on the same day you buy them.

Spend at least one week with a new lens and camera. Please get to know everything about new gear and make it a part of your upcoming wedding project.

Set Up Your Home Base

On the wedding day, you need to carry many cameras and accessories like tripods, flashlights, props, etc. The biggest mistake is to carry it all in one bag. You should at least have two bags. One bag should be handy so that you can move with it all around the wedding venue.

 Another big bag should be kept safely in the background of the venue. A bridal room usually is a secure place, but you can ask the client who will spare storage space for your convenience. The reason for setting up a home base close to the venue is that you will get whatever you need for a tremendous shot quickly.

Learn to Blend Lights

Light is an integral part of expression and wedding photography. When you take a portrait photo of a newlywed couple, their facial impressions become apparent in the presence of proper light. Too much light on their face will fade their faces and offer a very dull look or waste this shot. 

Depending on function timing, you need to work with different lights. 

Natural light in the morning ceremony gives you optimal focus. However, you don’t need to use it all the time. Try to learn the best way to blend natural light with ambient one or flashlight with natural. 

Focus on Pose Perfection

An important thing you need to understand is that expressions photography is a tricky thing. Not every person at the wedding is a model. It would help if you had beautiful poses of guests, couples, and their family members. You need to become a director on that day by telling them how to smile and how to react. The bride and groom are usually confused or overwhelmed as it’s their big day and lots of expectations they have. 

Be ready to get a perfect pose for everyone. You can talk to the bride and groom before the wedding. Ask them what they expect from you. What kind of poses will they feel comfortable with? Could you show them some pictures? People learn quickly from other pictures. 

Even on the wedding day, you should keep some amazing pose pictures handy to guide guests and other people to pose perfectly. 

Become a Scout

Another tip that helps you improve your expression photography on the wedding day is to become a  scout. You need to gather as much information as possible about the venue. You can’t research the venue on the same day, as you won’t have that much time.

So, the best idea here is to complete research one day before the Big Day. In this research, you will visit the venue, explore every corner of the place, etc., to find out what spot will help you get the perfect couple shot. It can be stairs, the door with optimal lights, some string lights in the garden, etc. 

Getting to know your playground helps you play better, a golden rule of sports. 

In the same manner, scouting space helps you make plans A, B, and C for perfect couple shots. Even when you make the perfect plan, unforeseen circumstances can turn your table and put you in a bad scenario. So, try to make more than one plan for a wedding photography shoot.

Keep Backup

Going to a wedding as a photographer with a single camera is a big mistake. Mechanical appliances are capable of damage. You can’t borrow a guest’s camera in case of an emergency. So, please keep a backup of flashlights, lens and digital cameras in your backpack. Once you are done with one big shot with multiple photos, keep its backup on the cloud at least on the same day. You can’t afford to lose these image files. So, consider these tips to improve your wedding and expression photography.

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