What is Amazon Product Photography?

amazon product Photography

Understand Main and Other Images Requirements 

Are you going to sell some products on Amazon? It’s time to explore every detail related to an image, such as what is Amazon Product photography, the main requirements for main and related photos. Besides, you would know how to make the most of child images.

What is Amazon Product Photography?

Amazon is the largest online retailer that gives sellers an eCommerce platform. When it comes to selling a product, every seller needs to display an eye-catching product image to grab customer’s attention and increase conversion.

Amazon product photography means taking powerful visuals that can leave lasting impressions on shoppers’ minds and convince them to add products to the cart.

Why Does Image matter more than Descriptions?

In a product listing, two main elements are description and image. Descriptions explain features and provide essential details. The picture brings data visualization and uncovers fundamental aspects of a product.

You should know that the human brain processes pictures 6000s quicker than text. So, you can quickly communicate with the shopper’s brain and leave a significant impact on his mind through fantastic product photography.

Quick communication means keeping visitors engaged and turning him into a customer; thereby, increasing conversion rate.

What are Amazon product Photography Requirements?

After knowing what is amazon photography , another concept you should be clear about is the requirements. Amazon site has set some standards that you need to follow while clicking the main and additional image. Whether you opt for the DIY or Pro approach, you should clearly understand what will be acceptable.

The Main Image

It’s the image that will appear in search engines; therefore, Amazon is strict about its guidelines—not following any requirements means wasting your time, money, and energy, as Amazon will reject your image right away.

Requirements for Main Amazon Product Image:

  • The main image must be a professional photograph or cover art of the product being sold. It would fill the mainframe, and there shouldn’t be any other product in the frame.
  • Image must be taken with complete focus in a professionally lit environment. When scanning the image, make sure the photograph has realistic colors and smooth edges.
  • In case your main product books, Video/DVD, or music, then the product must fill 100 percent of the frame.
  • When you have other images, ensure that they fill 85 percent or more of the photo frame.
  • The main image should have at least 1000px resolution because it would help customers to zoom a product image to explore its related aspects and other features.
  • Take image in white background ( RGB 255,255,255)

What’s not allowed in the Main Image?

  • Promotion stickers
  • Additional text
  • inset images
  • Jewel cases
  • Cell phone
  • offensive materials
  • Pornographic
  • Graphics
  • Gratuitous
  • Confusing additional objects

Main Image File Name Requirements

So, you have taken a perfect image as per the requirements mentioned above. Now the next thing is to save the file and give that file a name. You can’t provide this file any name as Amazon has set some guidelines that you would follow. 

Here is what you should keep in mind while saving an image file.

  • The image file name must be coded. It could be either Amazon JAN, EAN, ASIN, ISBN (13-digits), or UPC (13-digits that you purchased).
  • The image file name must give a clear idea of the type of image file. Make sure to pick one option out of four, such as GIF, PNG, TIFF, or JPEG.
  • The example file name for Amazon main image ( Filename AmazonJAN.PNG)

Other Product Images for Amazon Listing

Shoppers can’t touch your product and won’t be able to check it in any showroom. For locking a quick deal, you need to add more images that give a clear idea of product benefits and competitive aspects. Amazon is quite flexible regarding the requirements of other photos.


Other images must be related to the product being sold. The picture must be scanned in realistic colors and with smooth edges. Ensure proper focus for the image and click it in a professionally lit space. Almost 85 percent or more of the image frame must fill with products or props. Photographers can use other objects or products for the main product’s scale and use demonstration.

What’s Allowed?

  • Cropped or close up images
  • Backgrounds
  • Environments
  • Demonstrative Graphics
  • Descriptive Texts
  • Other products
  • Related objects

What’s not allowed?

  • Pornographic
  • Offensive material

Types of Images in Amazon Product Listings

There are mainly three kinds of images you can add to your product listing.

  1. Parent Image: It’s the main image that would display first to every visitor who checks your product. Amazon requires you to come up with your image’s best shot that gives a clear idea of your product to shoppers.
  2. Child Image -When your product is available in various colors and designs, you can add child images. The main requirements for this image are the same as other Amazon product images.
  3. Other Related Images-Amazon is quite flexible about alternative product photographs. You can demonstrate the best use of your product or some benefits through these pictures.

How to make the most of Alternative Images?

A seller can add seven more images to showcase the complete profile of his product. So, when it comes to taking some other clicks, you better consider some ideas to boost conversion rate.

  • Product Benefit Image: You need to explain to customers through a photograph all about product benefits.
  • Competitive edge: Do you offer something that your competitor doesn’t provide? If the answer is yes, highlight that unique feature like certification, etc., in your other image.
  • Competitive analysis: Every customer would like to compare your product with a competitor one before finalizing any deal. Don’t let him go to a competitor. Add a table image that provides an honest comparison of your product with the competitors.
  • Lifestyle Image: How will your product add value to the shopper’s life? Try to give the best answer to this question through an image.

Wrap up

Finally, you have got a detailed answer to the question of what is amazon product photography. Whether you will take photographs on your own or plan to invest in professional photography, please keep in mind Amazon product photography requirements. Try to use some creative ideas for other related images, so you can evoke customer’s emotions and make them purchase your product right away.

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